Release 2.20.02

Опубликовано10 июня, 2021

Design and usability edits

  • Changed placeholder for Image widget without files inside.
  • The button «Show title on page» is hidden in the settings of the block with answers, since the name is already in the block.
  • The project type is hidden from the cover, settings and from the header, since the project type is no longer used.
  • The checkbox about mailing when entering an open space is hidden, since the user does not have mail for this mailing in the open project.
  • Added a placeholder for an empty project list.
  • The video lessons window now opens in the center of the screen instead of on the right.
  • The session end date is now filled in automatically based on the start date. It can be changed.
  • Reduced the display time of notifications about the successful creation, editing and deletion of various objects.
  • The buttons for minimizing and expanding the video pane have been changed.
  • When you add a block to a page, its settings are now automatically opened.
  • Added a tooltip to the block selection checkbox.
  • Added a placeholder to an empty block.
  • Changed the order of icons and added tooltips in the left menu.
  • Added drag cursor to the modal window with video lessons.
  • Changed the like icon in the notes from a grenade to a heart.
  • The layout with information about active users in the block header has been changed.
  • The position of the buttons for downloading reports in space has been changed.
  • Added emphasis on the scrollbar of the page.

Refinement of users of space

  • On the user edit page, the project field and the role field in the project access section have been swapped. Error handling has been added if the project is not selected. A clear «Select project» placeholder has been added
  • The button for copying an invite to space has been renamed to «Invite to space», a hint has been added about how the invite works
  • Added import of users to space